Issue 19 and Volume 63.

METERAGE The state Utilities commission has granted permission to the Dixon, Ill., Water company to install meters as a basis of charges instead of the old fiat rate. To meet all requirements, it has been suggested that additional meters be installed in the Girardville, Pa., water works system, and that the minimum meter rates be charged and the water ordinance be enforced. Superintendent C. F. Knapp of the Everett, Wash., water department, has recommended that the city place an 8-inch compound meter, of the National Meter Co., make, at the Everett Pulp and Paper mill, which is served with city water. The Philadelphia Municipal Affairs Committee adopted a resolution urging the city authorities to carry out the plea of Chief Davis, of the Water Bureau, for the installation of meters in all residences and business places. By this step, the committee states, a serious shortage of water can be prevented.…

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