Good Report of Watertown Water Department

Issue 19 and Volume 63.

Good Report of Watertown Water Department The income of the Watertown, Mass., water department has now become more than sufficient to cover all expenditures of every kind, including the reduction by $16,000 of the bonded indebtedness and to return a handsome surplus to the town treasury, says Superintendent David S. Rundlett in his report for 1917. The water works were constructed in 18S4 and 1885 and are owned by the town. The source of supply is the Metropolitan and the estimated population supplied is 21,000. The total water consumption for the year 1917, as stated in the report, was 578,374,000 gallons, of which 437,301,750 gallons passed through meters. The consumption for manufacturing purposes amounted to 276,193,550 gallons. The percentage of consumption metered was 75.60. The average daily consuriiption was 1,582,394 gallons, being 75.3 gallons per day for each inhabitant and consumer. The gallons per day per tap was 499. The…

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