Corcoran Swaged Coupling Stands Under Great Pressure

Issue 19 and Volume 63.

Corcoran Swaged Coupling Stands Under Great Pressure The Corcoran Swaged Coupling, a patented lead pipe coupling controlled and manufactured by The Central Brass Mfg. Company, Cleveland, Ohio, is capable of such remarkable performance that water works’ officials should not hesitate to give serious consideration to it. At every water works convention held during the past two years this coupling has been subjected to unquestionably severe tests. For instance, a goose-neck fitted with the Corcoran was pumped to a pressure of 750 pounds. And under this enormous strain, it held a 1,200-pound weight of lead for two hours. Then the pipe broke, but the coupling remained intact—just as tight and perfect as it was before the test. If can readily he seen what this means to underground strain. When the ground above the pipe settles, the joint will not be affected; the Corcoran Coupling will grip the goose-neck so firmly that…

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