Grand Rapids Department Goes to Assistance of Reeds Lake

Issue 20 and Volume 63.

Grand Rapids Department Goes to Assistance of Reeds Lake The Grand Rapids, Mich., fire department, which is commanded by Chief George Boughner, recently sent apparatus and firemen to Reeds Lake, outside the city, where Ross’ pavilion and the Lake Side Club House were destroyed by fire. The burning structures were two miles from the nearest fire station and four miles from the next company detailed and while the fire was already beyond control when the firemen arrived, in response to a telephone call, they rendered valuable service in saving surrounding property. The fire started in Ross’ pavilion, a two-story wooden structure and that building was already doomed when the Grand Rapids department arrived. The flames spread rapidly to the club house, a large four-storv building only about twenty feet from the pavilion. Two hydrants, 600 feet apart, were available and the Reeds Lake village department, which had a hose wagon,…

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