Akron’s Water System

Issue 20 and Volume 63.

Akron’s Water System The citizens of Akron, Ohio, committed the city to the program of municipal ownership in December, 1911. In April, 1912, the people voted for a bond issue of $1,225,000 for the development of the new water works project. The estimated cost of the improvement in the preliminary report of the engineers was $2,363,000. The engineers estimated the population of Akron at 105,000 in 1920, 125,000 in 1925 and 148,000 in 1930. Accordingly in 1913, another bond issue of $1,250,000 was voted for further extension of the new plant. This was to be used for the purpose of increasing the height of the storage reservoir dam five feet, increasing the size of the reservoir, increasing the capacity of the pumping station and of the purification plant. The total cost of the new project amounted to $4,580,000. This expenditure provided for the collection of water from a drainage area…

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