The Importance of Standards in Fire Equipment Manufacture

Issue 20 and Volume 63.

The Importance of Standards in Fire Equipment Manufacture The following are excerpts from an address by A. R. Small, vice-president, Underwriters’ Laboratories, read before the Western Association of Electrical Inspectors, at their annual meeting held in Memphis, Tenn.: The Underwriters’ Laboratories’ part in the great war is a part of two phases or divisions. The first and original part, a close analysis at the present time will show, is the greatest part that we are playing in the war. I refer to the Standards of Underwriters’ Laboratories. I had the pleasure of addressing a meeting in Chicago a couple of months ago, a meeting of manufacturers of acetylene appliances, and entertain them, I hope, for a few moments with the thought that the work which the Underwriters’ Laboratories has previously done in cooperation with manufacturers, electrical inspectors and others in the preparation and operation of standards had quite a significance…

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