Two Zone Pressure System Instituted at Schenectady

Issue 20 and Volume 63.

Two Zone Pressure System Instituted at Schenectady To place in operation a two-zone pressure system in Schenectady, N. Y., the four pumps at the Rotterdam pumping station were shut down for a 36-hour period during which the city was supplied by the Bevis Hill reservoir. The two-zone system is for the purpose of equalizing the pressures in the higher and lower districts of the city. A chain of reducing valves were installed at different points of mean elevation to regulate the pressure. Superintendent of Water Townsend explains that should the water be permitted to flow direct to the downtown districts without check, the extreme low sections would have a pressure of approximately 120 pounds, there being a difference in elevation, with the reservoir full, of 290 feet. Such pressure would be too great for general purposes and more than the mains would carry with safety. The regulating valves were installed…

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