Development of John Crane Flexible Metallic Packing

Issue 20 and Volume 63.

Development of John Crane Flexible Metallic Packing Seldom has an engineering invention or discovery attracted so much attention and created so much interest among operating engineers as has the now well known “John Crane” flexible metallic packing. “John Crane” packing was invented by an operating engineer named John Crane in the early Spring of 1912. John Crane then had charge of a large power plant and was directly responsible for maintenance and repair costs. His first object was to develop a permanent packing. From actual experience with his outside packed plunger feed pump, he knew that soft packings ordinarily lasted only from four to five months, depending upon the condition of his plungers. He noticed that where metal and fabric were combined in packings, such as metal studs or metal segments, the life of such packing was lengthened. He noticed also that these metals were not affected by heat or…

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