After the War Prices on Water Works Materials

Issue 20 and Volume 63.

After the War Prices on Water Works Materials The paper of which the following are excerpts was delivered by R. E. McDonnell at the annual convention of the Southwestern Water Works Association, at Tulsa, Okla., and provoked so much discussion that an entire afternoon was devoted to discussion of the ideas presented by the author: After the war prices on water works materials has greatly concerned superintendents of both municipal and privately owned water plants, but now that the war is on its fourth year and no end in sight, the public is gradually adjusting itself and becoming reconciled to war rices. The water works officials who ave withheld improvements and postponed purchases now find themselves in a sorry plight by facing a prospect of still higher prices after the war. Had the war been of short duration, things would have been different. The war has already lasted long enough…

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