Issue 20 and Volume 63.

NEW YORK FIRE COLLEGE COURSE MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS (Continued from page 347.) Ahrens Relief Valve. The Ahrens relief valve, as applied to pumping engines of any kind, is really an automatic churn valve allowing the water to pass from the discharge chamber of the pump through the relief valve and its connections into the suction chamber of pump. The relief valve will open only at the pressure shown by adjustable scale on side of valve and may be set to work at any desired pressure. The relief valve is intended to relieve the excessive pressure on hose lines when shut-off nozzles are used and wafer is suddenly shut off without shutting down engine, and the relief valve will permit running of engine until nozzles are again opened. One Ahrens relief valve is used on one steam fire engine or pumping motor car, attached to discharge of pump. To insure best…

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