Issue 20 and Volume 63.

CORRESPONDENCE Can Any Reader Answer This Question? To the Editor: Will you please answer in the next issue of your valuable magazine, the following question: “Do statistics show that more firemen lose their lives in the line of duty than policemen every year”? Thanking you for a reply. Yours truly, C. H. St Louis Department to Unionize. To the Editor: Five hundred members of the St. Louis Fire Department met at Central Trades and Labor Union Hall Monday and Tuesday afternoons, April 29 and 30. and another meeting was held on Wednesday, May 1, to enable all members to enroll themselves as charter members of Local Branch of the International Fire Fighters’ Union. The purpose of these three meetings was to form the labor union which contemplates the complete unionization of the fire department and affiliation with the American Federation of Labor. Captain Joseph O’Brien, of Engine Company ,54, was…

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