Memorial Service for Chief Byron

Issue 20 and Volume 63.

Memorial Service for Chief Byron Members of the Exempt Firemen’s Association, of Troy, N. Y., met on May 3 to formulate plans for a memorial service to the late Chief Patrick Byron to be held on a Sunday afternoon later in the month. It was decided to have the service at the Chief’s plot in St. Joseph’s Cemetery. Two speakers will take part, a quartette will sing, a program will be prepared and the memorial will be attended by the Exempts in a body. Increased revenues of $83,000 will enable the city officials of St. Joseph, Mo., to carry out various city improvements including a trial of the two-platoon system for the fire department which, it is estimated, will cost nearly $25,000 additional each year. It is also proposed to expend $15,000 for three pieces of motor fire apparatus.

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