Jamestown Water Supply

Issue 20 and Volume 63.

Jamestown Water Supply The new well completed at Jamestown, N. D., shows a continuous large capacity due to the source of its supply in water bearing sand below a clay deposit. Like other wells in that vicinity, an excellent quality of drinking water is secured. An additional pump will probably be necessary in the use of this new well, and will be intermediate in capacity to those now connected with the city deep wells. In digging the new well, a granite bowlder weighing about 5 1/2 tons was found at a depth of 20 feet. It required a day’s work to hoist this huge bowlder to the surface. It is stated that the city of Wichita, Kan., will likely build a new water plant as the attitude of the owners, the American Water works Company has been such that purchase of the plant has been blocked.

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