The Danvers Water Department

Issue 20 and Volume 63.

The Danvers Water Department Superintendent Henry Newhall, of the Danvers, Mass., water department, in his annual report for 1917, says good progress had been made in the work of resurveying services and that it would be finished that season. Relative to hydrants, he comments that hydrants were made for fire service only, “but ours are used by others ten times as much as by the fire department. This handling by inexperienced persons causes a great expense.” He also states the Summer was very dry and “we pumped an enormous amount of w ater, over 140 gallons per day for every man, woman and child. This shows that it was not used legitimately. Many who paid for a $3.00 hose used it for market gardens and on overtime, in spite of the regulations, and we found many who paid nothing doing the same. With the present high price and shortage of…

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