Sparks from Mill Fire Give Oakland Firemen Much Trouble

Issue 23 and Volume 63.

Sparks from Mill Fire Give Oakland Firemen Much Trouble The one-story wooden mill of the C. E. Stone Mill and Lumber Company, in the eastern portion of Oakland, Cal., caught fire recently from an overheated bearing, and before the fire was finally gotten under control, it had swept through the block in which the building was located, completely destroying one residence and partially damaging three others. The fire was discovered by an employee at 11:57 a. m., who at once pulled an alarm from the street box. The employees, ten in number, escaped safely from the burning building. The fire department, numbering 60 men, under command of Assistant Chief William H. McGrath, had three steam engines, two ladder trucks, one Seagrave 1,000-gallon motor pumper, and one Ahrens-Fox 70-gallon motor pumper. There was water pressure sufficient to supply good plug streams, it being 60 pounds at the five single and three…

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