Issue 24 and Volume 63.

CONVENTION NOTES. The meeting hall of the convention was in the Crystal room, a handsome hall, it was patriotically decorated with flags for the occasion. The exhibit hall was just across a hall, conveniently placed. At the luncheon on Wednesday souvenirs in the shape of a pack of cards, the design on the reverse side being a Sewell wheel, and a metal ash tray, from the Seagrave Company, were at each plate. A photograph of the delegates was taken at the conclusion of the luncheon. Entertinment for the ladies, many attending the convention, included a luncheon and auto trip on Wednesday, starting from the Hotel Sherman at 11:30 a. m. and returning at 5 p. m. In the evening there was a theatre party for the ladies, and on Thursday morning they went on a sightseeing trip through department stores and places of interest. The arrangements for the convention reflected…

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