Issue 25 and Volume 63.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Exposure Hazards. (Illustrated) 463 New Fire College Course. (Illustrated) 464 New York to Have Volunteers 465 Fire in Rochester Fireproof Building is Confined to Top Floor 465 Loss of Head in Corporation Cocks and Service Pipes 466 The Whigville and Burlington Water Supply of New Britain 467 Oak Ridge Reservoir, Newark, to be Completed this Summer 467 Concrete Wall Saves Part of Power Building at Sault Ste. Marie. (Illustrated) 468 Young Woman Rescued from Factory Fire by Duluth Firemen. (Illustrated) 469 Dancers Driven to Street by Fire in Lansing Building, Syracuse. (Illustrated) 469 Fire-Resistive Construction in Water Works Buildings. 470 Combination Ladder Company Busy. 472 Line of O. J. Childs Company. 472 Large Annual Benefit Fire Fund from Insurance Premiums in Kansas 472 Sixtv-Hour Test of a White Triple Combination Engine. (Illustrated) 472 Orders and Shipments of American-La France Company. 472 Annual Meeting of Tri-State Association. 473…

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