Issue 25 and Volume 63.

FIRE DEPARTMENT DOINGS Carl Ringold has been appointed chief of the fire department at Oxford, O. St. Louis, Mo., has given a wage increase of $5 per month to its city firemen. The New York State Firemen’s Convention will be held at Lockport, N. Y., August 20-23. There are over 500 vacancies in the New York City fire department, 83 men being lost through draft, retirements and resignations during the past week. A memorial service for Patrick Byron, late chief of the Troy, N. Y., fire department, was conducted at his grave by the Exempt Firemen’s Association on Sunday, May 26. The Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Company has installed a new fire alarm system at Muskegon Heights, Mich. The City Council has expressed itself as well pleased with the system. Formal demand for increases in salaries of the Boston, Mass., fire department force has been made to Mayor Peters. The…

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