Issue 25 and Volume 63.

FILTRATION Water at Johnson City, N. Y., has been found on analysis to be of excellent sanitary quality. The city of Eveleth, Minn., has had plans made for a filtration plant to cost about $140,000. Geneva, N. Y., water has been pronounced pure by City Bacteriologist Mildred A. Davis. Boiling of water is no longer necessary. A new filtration plant for Toronto, Can., has been completed. All water is chlorinated after filtration and all water used by the city is filtered. The Maryville, O., water has been found unfit to use for domestic purposes and, as the city is unable to provide means of filtration, boiling of the water is urged. It is expected that an addition being made to the filtration plant at the Kent dam, Akron, O., will relieve the limited water supply. It will likely be completed in September.

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