Tri-State Association Convention

Issue 25 and Volume 63.

Tri-State Association Convention At the meeting of the Tri-State Water and Light Association of the Carolinas and Georgia, at Wrightsville Beach, N. C., on June 14 and 15, the most important measures adopted were the appointment of committees to consider the advisability of preparing a bill for introducing in the Legislatures of South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia, providing for examination and license of persons applying for positions of superintendents of water and electric light and power plants. Committees of one from each State were empowered to appeal to the Government Fuel Commissioner for protection on coal supply. The officers elected were: W. E. Vest, Charlotte, N. C, president; R. A. Easterling, Union, S. C., first vice-president; W. C. Bridges, Columbus, Ga., second vice-president; E. D. Meredith, Farboro, N. C, third vice-president; W. F. Stieglitz, Columbia. S. C., secretarytreasurer. Greenwood, S. C., was selected as the next place of meeting.

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