Secretary of War Baker on the Washington Water Supply

Issue 26 and Volume 63.

Secretary of War Baker on the Washington Water Supply Water consumption in the city of Washington, increasing as it does with warmer weather, has become such a serious problem that, following the recommendation of Gen. Black, chief of engineers of the Army, Secretary of War Baker to-day called attention of Congress to the threatened shortage, in a letter addressed to that body. The installation of meters in government buildings to help curb extravagance in the use of water is suggested by Secretary Baker. The greatest saving suggested by the Secretary is that the government printing office shut down its power plant, which uses 3,000,000 gallons of water per day, and have that establishment get it* power from the power plant that supplies the Capitol and House and Senate office buildings, that plant being able to care for the needs specified. Such a step would to a considerable degree lessen the…

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