Issue 26 and Volume 63.

FIRE DEPARTMENT DOINGS A new volunteer fire department has been organized at Elm Grove, W. Va. A $25 per month increase for firemen at Norfolk, Va., has been recommended by the Board of Control. The Chamber of Commerce of Des Moines, Ia., has been considering the matter of the two-platoon system for the fire department. A new fire house in Florence, N. J., was recently opened with interesting dedication ceremony, at which over 500 people were guests of the fire company. At Memphis, Tenn., 152 members of the fire department have resigned. Acceptance of their resignations was refused unless they should resign individually. The men demand the two-platoon system. Fire companies throughout New England observed Sunday, June 9, as Firemen’s Memorial Sunday, on which date exercises for the commemoration of their dead are held. The City Council, of Des Moines, Ia., have unanimously favored the twoplatoon system, which, on account…

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