Issue 26 and Volume 63.

FILTRATION Analysis of city water at Portage, Wis., has proved it to be of approved quality. The Troy, N. Y., water supply has been found of a pure and healthful quality by Chief Engineer Theodore Horton, of the New York State Department of Health. The Lederle Laboratory, of New York City, has reported that it had made a chemical analysis of samples of Bayonne, N. J., water taken from two different points and found the water suitable for all drinking purposes. City Chemist J. A. Craven states that the city water used in Huntington, Ind.. is in very good condition. No colon bacilli was found on analysis and other foreign content was of negligible quantity, hence not injurious. Further filtration facilities at Stevens Point, Wis., have been recommended by sanitary experts in a report made after investigating the water supply. Bad odor and dark color of the water were found…

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