Is Your Life a Hard One?

Issue 26 and Volume 63.

Is Your Life a Hard One? Do you people at home feel at times that this war has made your life pretty hard? Read what an American correspondent writes about one of our boys who had been doing his duty: “In a little field hospital west of Montdidier I stopped at the bedside of an American boy, one of those victims of the German mustard gas, with which the Huns are making all their present gains. His eyes were matted with yellow pus and he could not see. His face was terribly burned. His lips were swollen and purple. His whole body had been turned the color of an Indian, and portions of it looked like melted flesh, as though it had been liquefied. The fighting had been renewed all along the American lines, and German wounded had begun coming into our hospitals. I said to this soldier: ‘The boys…

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