Issue 1 and Volume 64.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS Low water rates at Seattle, Wash., will likely attract industrial plants. Further reductions in water charges are in prospect according to statements of Mayor Ole Hansen. Advanced water rates for Columbus, Ind., as proposed for approval of Public Service Commission, range from 25 to 100 per cent increase and are made necessary for the operation of the water system. A new schedule of water rates made necessary at Barberton, O., makes an increase of 50 cents on the flat rate of $1.50 per 10,000 gallons. The $8 flat charge per quarter is changed to $10, and the $10 charge to $12. An artesian well has been sunk for the Waterloo, Ont., Can., water commission, and has struck water at a depth of 360 feet. It is estimated that it will have a daily flow of 500,000 gallons. This is the second well sunk within a month.…

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