The Water Supply of San Antonio

Issue 1 and Volume 64.

The Water Supply of San Antonio Drawing its supply from 18 wells, the San Antonio Water Supply Company, of San Antonio, Tex., last year supplied 20,000,000 gallons a day to the city, an increase of 4,000,000 gallons over the previous year and a gain of 7,000,000 gallons a day over the business of 1914. The company employs about 250 persons and maintains two pumping stations equipped with the latest type pumping machinedy, and these stations can supply 84,000,000 gallons daily if worked to their capacity. The various wells of the company range from eight inches to twelve inches in diameter and in depth their minimum is 900 feet. The company has just completed drilling a well near the First Mission, where water was struck at a depth of 1,350 feet. The purity of the water and the extensive supply which can be drawn on led the army authorities to secure…

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