Watertown Department Much Hampered In Paper Mill Fire

Issue 1 and Volume 64.

Watertown Department Much Hampered In Paper Mill Fire Confronted with the necessity of dragging every foot of hose to the fire, owing to the fact that the engines could not pass along the roads, which were congested with piles of pulp-wood logs, the firemen at Watertown, N. Y., had more difficulty in getting their lines on the fire at the International Paper Company’s mill recently, than they did in the actual handling of the fire. The department was in command of Chief H. C. Bundy, and its apparatus consisted of one 750 and one 350 gallon American-LaFrance triple combination pumpers, one Metropolitan steamer, two combination wagons and a service wagon. On the premises were a hose reel and 500 feet of hose. The building was from one to four stories in height, situated on the south side of Sewall Island, and covered a space of 500 square feet. It was…

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