Oil in Fire Extinguishers

Issue 6 and Volume 64.

Oil in Fire Extinguishers A remarkable discovery was made recently, according to a report published in a daily paper, and warnings against a new scheme for the destruction of property are being sent broadcast throughout the United States. It has been discovered that hand fire extinguishers, which are part of the firefighting equipment of thousands of factories, stores and offices, have been filled with gasoline, so that, instead of extinguishing fire, the liquid feeds the flames. Major Richard Sylvester, head of the protection department of the du Pont company, was called in recently by an outside concern to assist in the investigation of a mysterious fire in a large manufacturing plant in Wilmington, Del. He soon made the discovery that two of the extinguishers had been tampered with in this manner. The result of this act in the particular instance under investigation was that when a small fire started and…

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