Issue 6 and Volume 64.

TO STOP WATER WASTE. The Saginaw Mich., News complains of the waste of water for lawn sprinkling in that city and very pertinently says: “Water pressures for the great areas of this city are difficult to maintain, owing to the peculiarities of the outof-date system, and in dry and hot periods, such as the present, excessive use or rather waste of water, after the manner indicated, becomes a matter of moment. It means the consumption of large quantities of fuel to keep up the pressure, and it further means danger that if the waste is not stopped the pressure might in emergency of fire prove anything but adequate.” Admonition of this kind, especially at this time of the year, is generally used by the secular press in an endeavor to stop abnormal waste of water for sprinkling purposes but unfortunately it is directed to those who will not hear. The…

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