Placing Hose Line for Effective Work

Issue 8 and Volume 64.

Placing Hose Line for Effective Work Other Interesting Questions by Our Readers Answered by An Expert — Various Problems Solved Readers of Fire and Water Engineering are invited to send in questions, which will be answered in the order in which they are received. To the Editor: A fire occurs in a building several floors above the street. The fire is too hot for the men to work from the fire escape, but a building across a 30-foot street offers an excellent point of vantage. Where the pressure at the nozzle is 50 pounds, and the nozzle diameter is 1 1/4 inches, on which floor of the building opposite should the line be placed to give the greatest penetration? An answer to this through your Questions and Answers column will be appreciated. A. A. Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 2, 1918. Answer: The effective range of the stream may be secured…

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