Simple Plan for Water Saving

Issue 8 and Volume 64.

Simple Plan for Water Saving Superintendent James N. Towers, of the New Britain, Conn., water works, proposed a plan, some five years ago, by means of which a great saving of water could be effected. It was simple and not costly, but was not acted upon at the time, for some reason. Now the plan has taken shape, been perfected, and at the small cost of about five hundred dollars, been built into a reality. Four hundred and fifty thousand gallons of water which daily have been lost to the city through the Whigville reservoir dam will no longer be wasted. Estimates taken by the city engineering department proved that the daily water loss has been 450,000 gallons and while Mr. Towers presented a plan for carrying the water into the pipe that goes from Whigville to New Britain, it was never carried out. At one time the city spent…

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