Ahrens-Fox Motor Apparatus

Issue 8 and Volume 64.

Ahrens-Fox Motor Apparatus The “Continental” types of motor apparatus are attractively described in a catalogue, No. V, issued by the AhrensFox Fire Engine Company, Cincinnati, O. The company says: “No other result could bring to firemen the same glow of victory which the successful ‘quick stop’ carries in the wake of their work. Automobile fire apparatus is a wonderful factor in preventing destructive conflagrations. Unquestionably its use augments the percentage of so-called ‘quick stops.’” They say: “For suburban districts and as an auxiliary to city service, we request consideration of the claims presented for our new model ‘D’ combination.” This is a combination hose carrier, extinguisher and booster pump. The Cincinnati fire department, says the company, is the pioneer user of the Ahrens-Fox Model D combination car. Ten of these are in actual service, and a letter, written in 1913 by Chief H. C. Bunker, setting forth the advantages of…

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