Issue 8 and Volume 64.

PLENTY OF WATER AT SAN JOSE. Rumors that the residents of San Jose, Cal., might be obliged to discontinue the use of water for sprinkling proves unfounded, as the San Jose Water Company has a supply large enough for a much larger city. An inspection of the company’s water system showed that the main plant could of itself supply more than San Jose, while there are three auxiliary pumping plants and two reservoirs near Los Gatos available. These have a capacity of more than 7,000,000 gallons each, and the average daily consumption of the city is only 5,500,000, obtained from twenty-five wells. In connection with the situation in San Jose, where the supply is so ample, it is interesting to note that the services are more than twothirds metered, there being, according to recent statistics, 13,209 taps and 8,815 meters. This percentage of meters in use in a locality with…

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