Cost of Pumping in Detroit

Issue 8 and Volume 64.

Cost of Pumping in Detroit The following extracts from the annual report of the Detroit water department show the quantity and cost of water pumped in 1907: All of the statements of water pumpage or consumption are based on the records of the Venturi meters, representing approximately 3 per cent less than the quantity determined by plunger displacement, which covers all losses due to pump slippage and all water used in and about the pumping stations which does not pass through the Venturi meters. The average daily consumption for the entire system was equivalent to a per capita consumption of 165 gallons per diem, based on an estimated population of 861,437 inhabitants for the city of Detroit and the environs supplied. The rapidly increasing number of meters being installed should have an appreciable effect in the next few years in reducing the per capita consumption. The number of metered services…

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