Issue 9 and Volume 64.

CORRESPONDENCE Explanation of the Boggstown Grain Elevator Fire. Boggstown, Ind., Aug. 18, 1918. To the Editor: We believe that an explanation of the fire which destroyed our grain elevator at Boggstown, Shelby county, Indiana, Monday noon, July 15, is due, on account of the many different rumors that have been published and circulated regarding the same. In explanation will say that our building was always securely locked at nights, and it would have been impossible for anyone to have entered at night without our detecting it the next morning. This fire started in the west stand of elevators and showed up first in the elevator head, where myself and man used our best efforts to extinguish same with our fire buckets and supply of water, which was right at hand. We apparently were making good success until the gases from the fire became so strong in this part of the…

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