Garage Fire in Erie

Issue 11 and Volume 64.

Garage Fire in Erie At a recent fire in Erie, Pa., probably starting in the Johnston garage from unknown cause, the 100×140 foot property owned by the Johnston Trucking and Cartage Company was badly damaged. The fire was discovered at 2.40 a. m., and an alarm was immediately sent in. but the flames spread so rapidly that the Johnston property, and the Haendler Bakery were thoroughly involved when the department, under command of Chief J. M. Duerner and Deputy Chief Cronin, arrived. The street is only 30 feet wide and two hydrants were broken, greatly delaying the firemen in their efforts. The buildings were old and of mixed construction, part cement blocks and part wood, and were without private fire protection. There were six 4-inch hydrants available, set from 400 to 650 feet apart, with 40 pounds direct pressure. There wert 05 firemen employed, with equipment of four American-LaFrance steamers.…

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