Large Services to be Metered in Ottawa, Canada

Issue 13 and Volume 64.

Large Services to be Metered in Ottawa, Canada The Civic Works Department, of Ottawa, Ont., Can., has been conducting an investigation of the water supply and has made some rather important discoveries as regards the cost of water to the city, and the amounts lost annually through carelessness and waste. It has been ascertained that through the absence of meter services in connection with large buildings and plants, the city has been losing thousands of dollars annually. To guard against this loss in the future, meters will be installed on all the large comercial services in the city. At present tenders are being called for for the supply of $9,000 worth of meters. In a report to the Board of Control, Commissioner of Works Macallum has shown that in the case of two of the largest firms, whose supply has not been measured, and who have been using unlimited amounts…

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