Carbolic Acid Found in Water

Issue 13 and Volume 64.

Carbolic Acid Found in Water The Milwaukee Sentinel has the following: “A mild form of carbolic acid caused by the reaction of chlorine with industrial waste causes the strong medicinal taste often present in the city drinking water, according to Henry P. Bohmann, superintendent of the water works. The flavor of the water is not that of chlorine, he says, but instead a phenol product, formed from chlorine and sewage, principally the refuse of tanneries and packing plants. These facts were revealed by a survey of sewage Conducted by the water works department. The waste of each suspected plant is tested separately with water. R. L. Piper, chemist for the water works department and R. W. Cunliffe, health department chemist, are making the examinations. A new pumping station may be required for Milwaukee. Mr. Bohmann stated, on account of increased consumption of water resulting from the greater demand by war…

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