Water Works Manufacturers Association Not to Exhibit

Issue 16 and Volume 64.

Water Works Manufacturers Association Not to Exhibit The Water Works Manufacturers’ Association, of which T. C. Clifford, of the Pittsburgh, Pa., Meter Company, is president, and John A. Kienle, Electro Bleaching Gas Company, New York, is secretary, decided, at a meeting of its executive committee on October 2, not to accept the invitation of the Iowa Section, of the American Water Works Association. to exhibit at its meeting to be held on October 23-24. This decision was arrived at on account of war conditions. The city of Calais, Me., has ordained that extension of water mains will hereafter be made in accepted streets and through private premises where rights of way with satisfactory grade are granted, if income, including hydrant rental, is assured therefrom or is afforded by a ten years’ quarterly of 12½ per cent per annum of the estimated cost of such extension.

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