Water Commissioner Merrill Asks for Better Fire Protection

Issue 16 and Volume 64.

Water Commissioner Merrill Asks for Better Fire Protection In making the latest report for the water department of Somerville, Mass., Frank E. Merrill, commissioner, said. “I again renew my recommendation for some action on your part toward providing the city with adequate water service in case of a conflagration. It is well known, through my numerous reports on the matter, that the high-service system of the citv has for some years been unprotected by any local means of delivering highpressure water into it should emergency arise making it needful to do so, and this condition still exists through failure to authorize an auxiliary means of supply. Although these are times of special conservatism in the matter of public expenditures, I believe this to be a need which merits and should receive your early and thorough investigation.” The municipal authorities of Laurel, Md., have raised water rates, as the operating costs…

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