Prevention Day Proclamation

Issue 18 and Volume 64.

Prevention Day Proclamation The following proclamation gives a very good idea of those issued by many of the chief executives of the States: In the Name and by Authority of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Executive Department—Proclamation. Never in the history of the country has the menace of fire been greater, and the preservation of resources, natural and otherwise, more necessary. The abnormal strain upon production is in itself an element of fire hazard, while the activities of hostile incendiaries threaten in many parts of the country, causing the destruction of needed supplies of foodstuff and other vital staples. These fires will strike at the foundation of national power and wealth by the elimination of resources. The fire loss throughout Pennsylvania, as reported by the State Fire Marshal, is unwarrantedly heavy, and must be recognized as a preventable evil. This calls for constant and especial effort on the part of our…

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