Issue 18 and Volume 64.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS The water department of Springfield, Mass., is out of funds and cannot pay salaries until some means are provided for financing it for the remainder of the fiscal year. Some employes have taken positions elsewhere. The water main extension of the system of South Bend, Ind., is well under way. This extension was undertaken for the purpose of supplying the 250 houses to be built in a suburban district, for workmen engaged in war work plants. The Edwardsville (Ill.) Water Company has made such substantial progress in the construction and equipment of its new plant that it will be ready for operation in a very short time. The plant is to be operated by electricity. The old artesian well at Milwaukee, Wis., recently rediscovered, has been reconstructed and is now in service, furnishing a pure drinking water supply to residents of the Bay View district. The…

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