Issue 18 and Volume 64.

METERAGE The municipal council of Lynn, Mass., has definitely refused to adopt the suggestion of the water department that all services should be metered, involving an expense of $200,000. The Kansas City, Kan., water and light department has found increasing difficulty in getting men or boys for meter reading, and L. H. Chapman, commissioner of water and lights, has decided to employ women. Thi Monmouth County, N. J., Water Company has asked the Public Utilities Commission to approve a new schedule of rates, according to which the minimum rate for its customers will be increased from $6 a year for 24,000 gallons to $12 a year for 36,000 gallons. The rate for consumption above the minimum allowance will be increased five cents a thousand gallons for consumption up to 164,000 gallons. Above 200,000 gallons excess, the rate goes back to 25 cents per thousand, the present rate. One-half or 5/8-inch…

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