Greatly Increased Operating Costs for Waterworks

Issue 18 and Volume 64.

Greatly Increased Operating Costs for Waterworks F. C. Jordan, secretary of the Indianapolis Water Company, began last spring an inquiry into the cost of operation, etc., under the present abnormal conditions, and the replies up to June 10, showed an average increase in 32 plans of 29 per cent in operating expenses during the six months previous, over the normal costs. Jamestown, N. Y., reported 50 per cent advance and Peoria, Ill., had the lowest rate of increase, 15 per cent. Dayton, Toledo and Cincinnati. Ohio, increased their rates to consumers, and Toledo intends a further increase. Atlanta, Ga., reduced its discount allowed for prompt payment from 25 to 10 per cent. Detroit, Mich., increased its rates and plans another increase. Flint, Mich., advanced the rate to large consumers from 5 cents per thousand gallons, to 8 cents. Savannah, Ga., and Rrockton, Mass., increased rates to all consumers. Philadelphia, Pa.,…

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