Issue 19 and Volume 64.

OVERHAULING AT FIRES NEW YORK FIRE COLLEGE COURSE, (Continued from page 308.) We practice a system of overhauling in this department for two good reasons. First, because we prevent, by this system, unnecessary use of, and damage by the water we use at fires. Second, because we leave the premises in a condition safe from re-kindling. Make Survey of Building. When the fire is subdued sufficiently to permit men to make the floor, shut off the line and see that the floors are well ventilated. Make a quick survey of the building to assure yourself that the fire is not getting away through the different channels by which a fire is likely to travel in a building> Examine all light and air shafts, pipe, speaking tube and wire recesses, belt holes, chutes and floor openings, and if the extent of the fire demands it, the adjoining building, especially where floor…

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