Capital Issues Committee Curtails Capital Expenditures

Issue 19 and Volume 64.

Capital Issues Committee Curtails Capital Expenditures Communities and cities all over the country are affected by the general orders issued from Washington some time ago, and recently supplemented by special orders, in several cases, that have halted desired water extension and improvement projects. In part the orders referred to recited: “On August 23 the Capital Issues Committee sent out to the public utility commissions of the several states a letter requesting co-operation in the effort of the committee to conserve capital, and suggested that the public utility companies be allowed to curtail capital expenditures for extensions whenever possible, and except in instances of urgent war necessity to defer them entirely until the war had ended. The public utility companies were in favor of this action and the commissioners generally have been entirely agreeable to such curtailment and deferment, but in some instances there has been dissatisfaction on the part of…

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