Issue 20 and Volume 64.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS A new electric pump has been installed at the plant of the Iron Mountain, Minn., Water Company. The pump is a Gould triplex type, operated with a 50 H. P. motor and has a capacity of 12,500 gallons per minute. The city council of Urbana, O., has increased the pay of all water department employes from Superintendent Burnham down. A general raise of $10 is the amount and the money was secured by abolishing the 10 per cent discount heretofore allowed for prompt payment of water hills. Water is being shipped from Grayville. Ill., to Harrisburg, where the mines and manufacturing plants are unable to secure sufficient water to operate. The water is shipped in coal cars which have temporary tops and whole train loads are made up and shipped over the Big Four Railroad. Recent rains in Oklahoma have held up work at some points…

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