Issue 22 and Volume 64.

CONVENTION DATES Nov.25-27—NATIONAL HOUSING ASSOCIATION Annual convention at Boston, Mass. Headquarters, 105 East 22d street, New York City. Nov.26-28.—UNION OF MANITOBA MUNICIPALITIES, Annual convention, Winnipeg, Man Secretary, Robert Forke Pipestone Man. Dec.2 —HIGHWAY INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION. Convention at Chicago, Ill. Headquarters, 1410 H street, N. W., Washington, D. C. Dec.2-6—AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF S I ATE HIGHWAY OFFICIAI.S. Convention M Chicago, III. Actinit Secretary, A. Dennis Williams, Morgantown, W. Va. Dec. 3-6—AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. Annual meeting. New York, N. Y. Secretary, 29 West 30th street, New York City. Dec 4-5 -ASSOCIATION OK STATE HIGHWAY OFFICIALS AND HIGHWAY INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION. Joint congress, Congress Hotel, Chicago. Secretaries, W. D. Uhler and S. M. Williams, Washington, D. C. Dec. 9. -AMERICAN PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION. Annual convention, Chicago, III. Secretary, 120 Massachusetts avenue, Boston, Mass. Dec. 9-11—PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION. Meeting to he held at the Hotel Biltmore, New York Citv. Headquarters, 111 W. Washington…

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