The Rotary Gear Pump

Issue 22 and Volume 64.

The Rotary Gear Pump The rotary gear pump is perhaps the simplest form of pump used for fire service, according to the American-LaFrance Bulletin. It consists of a pump case, two pump heads and two gears, the latter mounted on shafts running on ball bearings. There is no contact between the moving gears and the pump case or heads, but the clearance is reduced to a point where practically no slippage occurs. The pump contains no valves because, due to its construction, water is traveling in the same direction all the time and at a oniform speed. It is perhaps this absence of valves which gives an air of mystery to its operation for those who are not familiar with its construction. In the action of the rotary gear pump there are two gears having very coarse teeth which mesh with one another. The pump casj surrounds the two gears,…

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