Issue 22 and Volume 64.

THE ENLARGED SPHERE OF FIRE MARSHAL ACTIVITIES In preparing a paper dealing with a subject so important as that I have had the honor to be assigned, it is extremely difficult to know just how far ahead to cast the horoscope. With the coming of a victorious peace, to America and her Allies, it seems to me, that, arduous as has been our work in the past, we have just begun to fight: that the preliminary skirmishes we have had against arson and carelessness have developed into a general engagement that will tax all our reserves, and bring into play every latent talent that we possess. Starting primarily as an advance against the salients of arson, our lines have progressed until the columns are spreading, fan-like, into many directions, each column having a definite objective; and each objective being an important, dominant factor in the reduction of our needless, heedless,…

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